High Times In The Dark

Mar 23, 2020

Myrkurs' 'Folkensange'
Credit Courtesy Pirate!

Monday, March 23

Listen for music from The Days of Wine and Roses, the 1982 debut from The Dream Syndicate as well as music from Tami Neilson’s Sassafrass!.  

Tuesday, March 24

Folkensange is the latest release from Danish musician Myrkur. We’ll hear songs from that as well as music from The Pedaljets’ newest, Twist The Lens.

The Claudettes' 'High Times in the Dark'
Credit Courtesy Conqueroo

Wednesday, March 25

Listen for music from High Times in the Dark, the latest from Chicago’s the Claudettes as well as music from Mercy Bell’s 2019 self-titled album.

Thursday, March 26

Love Is An Art is the latest from Vanessa Carlton. We’ll hear music from that as well as selections from the self-titled release by Chicago’s Rookie.

'The Universe Inside' from Dream Syndicate
Credit Courtesy Anti Music

Friday, March 27

Listen for music from Walking Proof, the latest from Lilly Hiatt as well music from When I Was A Writer from Matt Wilson & his Orchestra.

Saturday, March 28

The Universe Inside is the latest from The Dream Syndicate. We’ll hear music from that effort as well as music from Tago Mago, the 1971 release from Germany’s Can.

'Clockdust' from Rustin Man
Credit Courtesy The Syndicate

Monday, March 30

Clockdust is the new release from Rustin Man, featuring former Talk Talk bassist Paul Webb. Listen for selections from that release from as well as music from Talk Talk’s 1988 album Spirit of Eden.

Tuesday, March 31

We’ll preview our April featured artists Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters.