Global Village/Savannah Music Festival, Mozambique & Madagascar Independence, Women Of Africa & Port

Jun 24, 2019

Fado singer Antonio Zambujo
Credit Photo by Rita Carmo

Monday, June 24

The final Monday of every month, it’s Global Village at the Savannah Music Festival, a monthly concert series showcasing top world music artists and groups who have appeared at the prestigious annual event that takes place each spring in Savannah, Georgia.

This time, in conjunction with the June Music of Portugal feature, it’s fado singer Antonio Zambujo. One of the top male singers on the scene today, Zambujo specializes in an entrancing form of fado that delicately incorporates elements of jazz, Brazilian music, and Alentejano - another major style of Portuguese vocal music. This performance marked his debut at the Savannah Music Festival.

Wazimbo's 'Nwahulwana'
Credit Album Cover Art

Tuesday, June 25

In conjunction with the June music of Portugal feature, Global Village marks the Independence Day of former Portuguese colony Mozambique with a show devoted to music from that nation. We’ll hear the popular Marrabenta music, bands that combine traditional music with contemporary and international influences, and more. Among the artists featured are the popular singer Wazimbo, Orchestra Marrabenta Star of Mozambique, Ghorwane, and Eyuphuro.

Wednesday, June 26

Global Village celebrates Independence Day of Madagascar, the date in 1960 when the island nation, renowned for both its unique ecology and captivating music, achieved full independence. It is celebrated now every year as a major public holiday. We’ll hear music from two groundbreaking compilations that introduced Malagasy music to an international audience – Madagasikara and A World Out of Time – along with individual releases from a number of key artists and groups. Among those featured in this show – Tarika, D’Gary, Dama, Rossy, Jaojoby, and Toko Telo.

Thursday, June 27

Global Village devotes this program to women of Africa, including South African artists Miriam Makeba, the Dark City Sisters and Lorraine Klaasen (in a tribute to Makeba); Mali’s Oumou Sangare and Rokia Traore, along with a track from Les Amazones d’Afrique feature two singers from Mali; Benin’s Angelique Kidjo; Guinean singer Sia Tolno; a rare female group from Nigeria, the Lijadu Sisters; and as we’ve been highlighting music from Portugal and related countries this month, we’ll showcase Elida Almeida – a rising star from Cape Verde,

'Dentro Desse Mar' from Dancas Ocultas
Credit Album Cover Art

Friday, June 28

Global Village wraps up the June feature with Portugal Não-Fado, the rich array of Portuguese styles and artists who draw on traditional and other influences instead of fado. We’ll hear the delicately exploratory music of the accordion group Dancas Ocultas, the innovative bagpipe and vocal group Gaiteiros de Lisboa, Portuguese Guitar traditional and early music master Pedro Caldeira Cabral, guitar master Julio Pereira, the Afro-Portuguese stylings of Catarina dos Santos, and more.