DA: 2012 Officer Involved Shooting Case Will Remain Open

Nov 7, 2014


Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett reads from a press release on Friday afternoon. His office announced the 2012 officer involved shooting case, in which Troy Lanning was killed, will remain open.
Credit Sean Sandefur

Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett gave an update on an officer involved shooting case from 2012. 

This much is known: on April 1, 2012 Troy Lanning was shot and killed by Wichita Police Officer Randy Williamson. What remains unknown is whether lethal force was justified. District Attorney Marc Bennett says an investigation conducted by the Wichita Police Department, Kansas Bureau of Investigation and his own office hasn’t produced a clear answer.

“The office of the District Attorney cannot and will not clear the officer of responsibility in the shooting death of Troy Lanning,” Bennett read from a press release. “Conversely, the available evidence does not provide a sufficient basis to establish the officer did not act reasonably under Kansas law.”

Bennett says the officer has already been convicted of filing a false report for the incident, which has impacted the length of the investigation. 

Bennett says forensic evidence has been inconclusive.