Crowson: MAGA? Lucy's A Fan

Jun 26, 2019

Credit Richard Crowson

You think you know somebody and then they slap you right in the face with their “Make America Great Again” cap. This happened to me recently in a conversation I was having with my dog Lucy.

I thought I had gotten to know Lucy pretty well in the eight years I’ve lived with her. She’s a rescued Airedale, probably around 10 years old. She loves children. She enjoys long moments of quiet meditation, alone, under bushes in the backyard. She hates thunderstorms and she despises fireworks.

It’s the fireworks thing that brought me to a new realization about Lucy. In my human arrogance, I had always presumed that Lucy and I shared a deep and abiding disdain for all things Trump. After all, she knows he doesn’t even have a dog.

Nope. Turns out, she’s a bigly fan. It’s all about the fireworks. Recent news stories about how Trump’s tariffs will hurt the sales of Chinese-made fireworks filtered down to Lucy. I looked out the back window and instead of napping in the back yard, our aged, arthritic little Airedale was dancing like Snoopy in “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

It seems our dog-less president has bumbled his way into the hearts of America’s dogs. Or at least of the dogs who cringe and tremble through the insanity of all-hours fireworks every Fourth of July.

I tried to reason with Lucy by telling her many charities use fireworks sales for their fundraising.

“Let ‘em sell dog toys,” she snapped. Then headed out the door to a MAGA rally.