Crowson: City Budget Blues

Jul 25, 2018

“Everybody wants to go to heaven. But nobody wants to die.” I’m not sure which blues singer first came up with that line, but it certainly has the ring of truth. And it sure seems to fit our perpetual fiscal dilemma. In fact, the sentiment could even more specifically be sang this way:

“Everybody wants police and firemen and good streets. And everybody wants museums and galleries and neighborhood libraries. And everybody wants safe drinking water and indoor plumbing. And everybody wants parks, good schools and basic social services…but nobody wants to pay taxes.”

Practically no voices are being heard out there supporting the idea of increasing revenue by raising taxes. Gasp! Why, we clutch our pearls at the unmitigated gall of anyone who dares to suggest such a thing! 

City revenue is down, they say, because so many are buying from Amazon instead of locally. Sales tax collections are therefore down. So why not raise taxes a wee bit to help make up the difference? Because we have all been brainwashed by the billionaire-funded anti-tax lobby to think we should get something for nothing.

Well, here’s a news flash: Police, fire, parks, water, streets, libraries, galleries and all the rest are not available from Amazon Prime. There’s no free delivery. Voting automatically for anti-tax candidates is what gave us these red-ink blues.