A Celebrated Summer, A Surprise Act

Jun 18, 2019

'Heavy Age' by the Unwed Sailors
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Wednesday, June 19

Listen for selections from Heavy Age, the latest album from Tulsa’s Unwed Sailor as well as music from Sebadoh’s Act Surprised.

Thursday, June 20

Listen for selections from Shake Up The Shadows the new EP from Gainesville, Florida’s Hot Water Music as well as Slingshot Dakota’s Heavy Banding.

'New Day Rising' from Hüsker Dü
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Friday, June 21

We celebrate the Summer Solstice with selections from Hüsker Dü, Thin Lizzy and more.

Saturday, June 22

Father of the Bride is the first album in six years from Vampire Weekend. We’ll hear music from it as well as selections from The National’s latest, I Am Easy to Find, featuring appearances from former David Bowie collaborator, Gail Ann Dorsey, as well as Sharon Van Etten.

Monday, June 24

Released in 1999, Something to Write Home About is the sophomore release from Kansas City, Missouri emo/pop-punk outfit The Get Up Kids. Listen for music from that release on this episode of the show as well as selections from Designing a Nervous Breakdown the early 2000 disc from Lawrence, Kansas’ The Anniversary.

'Planet of Ice' by Minus the Gear
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Tuesday, June 25

Planet of Ice is the 2007 release from Minus the Bear. Produced by the group’s former keyboardist, Matt Bayless, the album received almost universal critical acclaim upon its release. Listen for music from that effort as well as from Riddle of Steel’s 2007 album, 1985.

Wednesday, June 26

Full Upon Her Burning Lips is the latest release from Earth. Formed in Olympia, Washington in 1989, the band’s sole consistent member if guitarist Dylan Carlson. We’ll hear selections from this new release as well as from Mark Deutrom’s The Blue Bird.

'Evening' from Galactic Protector
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Thursday, June 27

Galactic Protector is the new project from Bryan Richie of The Sword. We’ll hear selections from the album Evening as well as music from Heavy Age the first full-length release from Unwed Sailor in a decade.

Friday, June 28

Problems is the new release from Kansas City, Missouri’s The Get Up Kids. We’ll hear selections from that release as well as The Anniversary’s 2000 effort Designing A Nervous Breakdown.

Bob Dylan's 'The Rolling Thunder Revue'
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Saturday, June 29

Launched in late 1975 Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue was launched with the intention of Dylan playing to smaller audiences in markets he would not have otherwise visited. The tour, which ended in early 1976, is the subject of a new film and boxed set. We’ll hear some of the music from that collection as well as songs from Assiniboine & The Red the latest from The Small Glories.