An Artist's Perspective: Bosworth's 'Bird Bones'

Jun 5, 2019

Marc Bosworth is royalty within the Wichita art scene. With an MFA in printmaking from WSU, he is a founder of the Famous Dead Artists Co-Op and co-founder of The Tractor Factory Gallery and Studio, both of which helped propel the explosive ‘90’s ICT art movement into what it is today.

I maintain that he is responsible for the idea of Final Friday in Wichita. He is adjunct professor of Printmaking at Friends University. His work has been shown at the Wichita Art Museum and is featured in important collections like the Emprise Bank Collection. Bosworth also happens to be art director at Greteman Group.

Bosworth is an artist’s artist; never following trends, he maintains a vision distinctly his own. Heavy with grids, auto schematics, collaged ads featuring gender-specific data, a disciplined color pallete with draftsmanship and mark-making of great sophistication, a Bosworth painting is a feast for the brain and eyes. Anyone who knows the history of Wichita art can spot a Bosworth painting or print from a mile away.

If you are a new viewer or a young artist you should see his new show, “Bird Bones,” at City Arts. And if you’ve been around on the scene for some time, you will surely attend because you know a Bosworth exhibition is a real treat.

Marc Bosworth, “Bird Bones,” at City Arts through June 19.