Agent Hacker Group Of Turkey Takes Credit For Hacking City Of Wichita's Website

Oct 10, 2013

A Turkish group calling itself the Agent Hacker Group has taken credit for hacking one of the City of Wichita's websites.

The group's Twitter account claims to have hacked websites in Akron, Ohio, and Lansing, Mich., as well. KAKE reports that its affiliate station in Akron confirmed their city's website was reportedly hacked by the same group.

Agent Hacker Group posted a picture on its Twitter, which it says was also visible to visitors to the hacked websites. The image's message was critical of the United States and its treatment of people in the Middle East.

An image the Agent Hacking Group posted to its Twitter account, and which it says it posted to the city websites it hacked
Credit @AgentCorporatio / Twitter

Wichita police are working with the FBI to learn more about the case. The hacking may have exposed financial data of thousands of vendors and employees.