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Deadline To Vote In The November Election Is Approaching

LaRissa Lawrie

The deadline to register to vote for the November election is Tuesday.

Carole Neal is the Voter Service chair with the League of Women Voters of Kansas, a nonprofit that encourages people to participate in government. She says people seem more aware of this election, which is reflected in more people registering to vote.

Neal said people realize their voice needs to be heard.

“We’ve really tried to educate ... them how one vote can make a difference, especially in a local election,” she said.

Sedgwick County Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman said the number of registered voters has increased by more than 27,000 since the 2015 general election. Lehman said she expects the growth in registration numbers to continue through the 2020 election cycle.

Neal said she has noticed more high school and college students registering to vote.

“I see a lot more activities of the younger organizations forming on campuses to get people to register,” she said.

She thinks everyone should be registered to vote because “it’s their right to be able to (vote) on Election Day."

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 5. Voters will make choices in school board, mayoral and city council races.

Early voting begins Oct. 21 and ends Nov. 4 at noon.

Voters can register in person at the county election office or online. If you register in person, bring a government-issued ID.

For more information, go to the county election office website.

Suzette Sponsel is an intern in the KMUW News Lab