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Conservative Kansas Policy Institute To Launch Own News Service

A screenshot of the video announcing the planned launch of The Sentinel.

The Kansas Policy Institute, a free-market think tank based in Wichita, says it is planning to launch its own online news service.

The service will be called The Sentinel. Kansas Policy Institute President Dave Trabert announced the plan in a video on the organization's website.

“Are you tired of not getting honest information from government? Have you had it with media bias?" he says. "Well, if so, then I have some good news for you.”

Trabert goes on to say that The Sentinel will hold media and government accountable by “exposing false claims, missing facts and exposing all types of bias.” But Jeff Jarman, interim director of the Elliott School of Communication at Wichita State University, says he has concerns.

“We are dangerously close to a post-truth world where people just get to believe what they want," he says. "And the one thing that we can hold on to is that there are journalists that are trained to help the public understand both sides of the story. And I don’t think an advocacy group can do that for us.”

The AP reports that The Sentinel has hired Jack Cashill and Danedri Herbert, two conservative writers. Cashill recently released book called "Scarlet Letters: The Ever Increasing Intolerance of the Cult of Liberalism."


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