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00000179-cdc6-d978-adfd-cfc6d7d40002Coverage of the issues, races and people shaping Kansas elections in 2016, including statewide coverage in partnership with KCUR, Kansas Public Radio, and High Plains Public Radio.

Who To Watch In The 2016 General Election


Here are just some of the races we're watching in tonight's general election. We'll be updating our results page throughout the night, and you can find all results at the Kansas secretary of state's website.

Senate District 14

See district map

Republican Bruce Givens beat incumbent Forrest Knox in the August primary. He now faces Democrat Mark Pringle.  

Senate District 16

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Gabriel Costilla, left, and Ty Masterson.

Democratic first-time candidate Gabriel Costilla, of Derby, is up against Republican incumbent Ty Masterson, chair of the state Ways and Means Committee.   

Senate District 25

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Jim Price, left, and Lynn Rogers.

Republican Jim Price and Democrat Lynn Rogers, a member of the Wichita Public Schools board, are running for the seat being vacated by Sen. Michael O'Donnell.  

Senate District 26

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Dan Kerschen, left, and Ben Poteete.

Republican incumbent Dan Kerschen is running for a second Senate term against Democrat Ben Poteete.  

Senate District 27

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Tony Hunter, left, and Gene Suellentrop

Outgoing Republican Rep. Gene Suellentrop faces Democrat Tony Hunter for the Senate seat being vacated by Les Donovan. 

Senate District 28

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Keith Humphrey, left, and Mike Petersen.

Republican incumbent Mike Petersen, who was first elected to the Legislature in 2004, faces Democrat Keith Humphrey.

Senate District 30

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Anabel Larumbe, left, and Susan Wagle.

Senate President Susan Wagle faces Democrat Anabel Larumbe.

Senate District 31

See district map

Carolyn McGinn, left, and J. Michelle Vann.

Republican incumbent Carolyn McGinn faces Democrat J. Michelle Vann.    

Senate District 33

See district map  

Matt Bristow, left, and Mary Jo Taylor.

Democrat Matt Bristow faces Republican Mary Jo Taylor for the Senate seat previously held by incumbent Mitch Holmes.

Senate District 34

See district map

Ed Berger, left, and Homer Gilson.

Republican Ed Berger beat incumbent and Senate majority leader Terry Bruce in the August primary. He now faces Democrat Homer Gilson.  

House District 80

See district map

Anita Judd-Jenkins, left, and Michelle Schiltz.

Republican Anita Judd-Jenkins defeated incumbent Kasha Kelly in the primary. She now faces Democrat Michelle Schiltz.    

House District 82

See district map

Pete DeGraaf, left and Danette Harris.

Republican incumbent Pete DeGraaf, a state representative since 2008, faces Democrat Danette Harris.

House District 87

See district map

Roger Elliott, Marco Giorgi and Tonya Howard.

Republican Roger Elliott and Democrat Tonya Howard face Marco Giorgi, the only independent running for Kansas Legislature, for the seat previously held by Rep. Mark Kahrs, who did not seek re-election.

House District 88

See district map

Elizabeth Bishop, left, and Joseph Scapa.

Republican incumbent Joseph Scapa, who won in 2014 by just 30 votes, faces Democrat Elizabeth Bishop.   

House District 94

  See district map

Leo Delperdang, left, and Susan Osborne.

Republican Leo Delperdang faces Democrat Susan Osborne for outgoing Rep. Marco Goico's seat.

House District 98

See district map

Steven Anthimides, left, and Steven Crum.

Republican incumbent faces Democrat Steven Crum for the second time; Anthimides beat Crum in the 2014 general election with 51 percent of the vote.

House District 104

See district map

Steven Becker, left, and Betty Taylor.

Republican incumbent Steven Becker faces Democrat Betty Taylor.

Kansas Supreme Court
Credit kscourts.org

Five Supreme Court justices are up for retention this election: Carol Beier, Dan Biles, Lawton Nuss, Maria Luckert, and Caleb Stegall. Conservative groups have been urging voters to oust all but Stegall, though a bipartisan group of former Kansas governors have been campaigning in favor of retention.

Sedgwick County Commission
Credit Deborah Shaar, file photo / KMUW
Michael O'Donnell, Tim Norton, David Dennis and Marcey Gregory.

Two seats on the Sedgwick County Commission are up for election. In District 2, former state Sen. Michael O'Donnell is challenging Democratic incumbent Tim Norton. In District 3, Republican David Dennis, who beat incumbent Karl Peterjohn in the August primary, faces independent Marcey Gregory, current mayor of Goddard.