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Governor's PAC Donates Money To Group Trying To Oust State Supreme Court Justices

Stephen Koranda, File Photo
Kansas Public Radio
Gov. Brownback and Kansas Supreme Court Justice Caleb Stegall.

Gov. Sam Brownback is not taking a public stance on whether the state’s Supreme Court justices should be retained this election, but his political action committee has given thousands of dollars to a group fighting to oust four of the justices.

Brownback’s Road Map PAC donated $65,000 to the group Kansans for Life in recent months. The group has been campaigning to remove all of the justices except Caleb Stegall, who was appointed by Brownback. The governor says the donation was because of the group’s work on abortion issues.

“I don’t know what route they will go. If you look back, I’ve helped and given some funds to Kansans for Life over multiple campaign cycles,” Brownback says.

A campaign is underway to oust the justices over some of their rulings in abortion and death penalty cases. Other groups say the justices have done a good job overall, and that they shouldn’t be voted off the bench due to a handful of controversial rulings.