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Democrat And Republican Leaders Encourage Voters To Take Part In The Political Process

donkeyhotey / Flickr / Creative Commons

Now that the registration deadline has passed, both parties in the state of Kansas are concentrating their efforts on getting out the vote.

With just weeks until the general election, both Republican and Democratic parties are encouraging their members to go to the polls.

Kerry Gooch, executive director of the Kansas Democratic Party, says that it's not just Democrats that he is concentrating on.

"We're encouraging not just Democrats, but unaffiliated and Republicans, everybody, to go out there and vote because we know that it's better to have more people participating in the political process than less," Gooch says. "And we believe it should be made as easy as possible for people to participate in the political process."

Early voting begins in Sedgwick County on Monday. People who have tried to register and were denied because they lacked proof of U.S. citizenship, have until the day before the election to present their proof to the county. Then they will be able to vote early or on Nov. 8.


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