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Primary Election Could Shift Power In Kansas Legislature

vox_efx / Flickr / Creative Commons

Tuesday’s primary election could change the balance of ideologies in the Kansas Legislature. If that happens, Clay Barker, executive director of the state GOP, says it’ll probably be in the House. According to Barker, if moderate Republicans pick up eight to 10 seats currently held by conservatives, there could be a power shift on issues related to schools and taxes.

“Clearly, it could make a difference in the overall House," he says. "If you would combine the moderates and the Democrats, and they align on some issues, you might be able to have a majority or a working majority over the conservatives. On other issues, it probably wouldn’t change anything.”

Barker says the conservative/moderate split can be overplayed, because there are a lot of issues where most Republicans agree. He says it’s much more likely that the conservative wing will maintain its hold on the majority in the Kansas Senate.