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Thousands Gather For Ted Cruz Rally In Overland Park

Stephen Koranda

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz brought his presidential campaign to Kansas during an appearance in Overland Park Wednesday night.

Elizabeth Foster was one of around 2,000 people who came out for the event. She called seeing Cruz “better than the Super Bowl” and said she likes his Christian values.

“I feel like he will fulfill everything that he is standing on now as a candidate. I think he’ll follow through and is someone that my family can be proud of,” Foster said.

Cruz hammered Republican front-runner Donald Trump during the speech. Cruz also focused on other issues including the military and immigration.

“We are going to end sanctuary cities by cutting off taxpayer dollars and we are going to end welfare benefits for people here illegally," Cruz said. "When we do that, we are going to see millions more jobs for American citizens. We’re going to see wages coming up."

Cruz claimed Trump would compromise with Democrats on a Supreme Court nominee.

“I give you my solemn word that every justice I put on the Supreme Court will be a principled constitutionalist faithful to the law who will vigorously protect the Bill of Rights,” Cruz said.

Kansans will cast their votes in a presidential caucus on Saturday. Republican Sen. Marco Rubio has a campaign stop scheduled for Friday in Wichita. Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders will be campaigning in Lawrence on Thursday.

Stephen Koranda is the managing editor of the Kansas News Service, based at KCUR. He has nearly 20 years of experience in public media as a reporter and editor.