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Clinton Calls For More Cooperation, Less Division


President Bill Clinton says there’s more connecting Americans than separating them. He delivered that message at the University of Kansas on Monday, where he accepted the Dole Leadership Prize. Clinton’s speech (at the Lied Center) focused on how to create non-partisan solutions. He said part of that is considering rival viewpoints.

“We are less religiously bigoted than we used to be, we are less homophobic than we used to be. We have one remaining bigotry, we don’t want to be around anyone who disagrees with us,” says Clinton.

Clinton said working with diverse groups creates better outcomes. He used former Kansas Senator Bob Dole as an example, saying Dole would argue his position but was willing to compromise to craft the best solution to a problem. Clinton received $25,000 as part of his leadership award from the Dole Institute of Politics, which he donated back to the institute.