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Primary Voter Turnout Light, But Determined

Carla Eckels

Voter turnout in Wichita has been light Tuesday as predicted. Still, some determined voters made it to the polls. KMUW's Carla Eckels reports...


Credit Carla Eckels
Charlene Chapman voted in today's primary

There were a few in the early hours Tuesday, but the largest number of voters--nearly 150--took advantage of the lunch hour to vote at the Wichita State Metroplex. Poll staff hope the numbers will increase after work.

Charlene Chapman says she took part in community forums with mayoral candidates which she says made her decision easy. She says it’s important to vote.

"I just think it’s necessary. My dad’s been gone about 20 years and he used to say 'I don’t have nothing to say if I don’t vote,'" Chapman laughs. "I can’t complain if I don’t vote."

Voters must have a government ID to cast a ballot. Polls close Tuesday evening at 7 pm.