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Wichitans Turn Out For 2014 Primary Elections

Carla Eckels

Polling sites in Wichita are still open for the Primary Election. KMUW’s Carla Eckels visited a polling place on Tuesday, August 5.

Shawn McCloskey has worked the polls at Wichita's Grace Presbyterian Church for 14 years. He says Tuesday’s turnout has been great.

"Steady crowd. We’ve had a three hour period of masses coming through, but we’ve had smooth voting. More than 500 currently," he says. 

Ruth Anne Glasgow says she was particularly interested in the Republican U.S. Congress race between Mike Pompeo and Todd Tiahrt and the Senate race between Pat Roberts and Milton Wolf.

“I usually come to vote but that’s why I definitely came to vote this time,” she says.

Walter Myers focused on candidates in the Kansas Secretary of State and governor’s race.

“Well I’m Democrat and I’m lonely in Kansas, but I liked Schodorf and Davis,” he says.

Polls close Tuesday evening at 7:00.