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'PowerWash Simulator' is ridiculous, but so rewarding

Power washers are awesome. I didn’t even know my driveway was dirty until I was cleaning something else with a power washer, and accidentally hit the surface of the concrete with the water. Almost magically, it turned a much brighter color than I’ve ever seen it, and I just had to keep on spraying until I had cleaned that whole section of driveway.

So recently, I’ve been playing PowerWash Simulator, a new game available on PC and Xbox Game Pass. It plays like a third person shooter, along the lines of something like Doom or Halo. But instead of shooting demons or aliens, you’re shooting thin layers of dirt off surfaces. And instead of guns, you have a high-pressure stream of water, different soaps, and an assortment of nozzles. The goal is to clean everything. Thankfully, you are able to see what percentage of each thing you’ve cleaned, and if you need a hint, you can make the game briefly highlight remaining dirt to be cleaned.

I’m aware this game is ridiculous. I’ve spent hours swiping up and down with my mouse, finding every single nook and cranny to clean. I’m aware I could have been outside, with a real power washer, cleaning my driveway, or my house’s siding, or anything else…but it’s really hot outside, and then I’d have to put away the pressure washer, and clean out its soap reservoir. Plus, in real life, I don’t get a *cha-ching* whenever I finish cleaning something. Also, power washer detergent is expensive.

So, I’ll keep playing PowerWash Simulator, at least until it gets cool enough for me to do some real washing outside.

Samuel McConnell is a games enthusiast who has been playing games in one form or another since 1991. He was born in northern Maine but quickly transplanted to Wichita.