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Monday, August 21, 2023

You're Saying It Wrong is a podcast from KMUW about the quirks and pitfalls of the English language. Each episode, KMUW's Fletcher Powell talks to language experts Kathy and Ross Petras about grammar, pronunciation, meaning, and anything else we can get wrong when we try to communicate. As the summer days stretch on, Kathy and Ross took the latest episode as an opportunity to quiz Fletcher about the definitions of some words related to the season.

Plus more on these stories:

  • People in Marion laid to rest the local newspaper’s co-owner over the weekend. She died following a police raid of her home. Joan Meyer was remembered as a tireless journalist committed to keeping the paper locally owned.
  • Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has asked for an extension to submit a request for a major federal disaster declaration for parts of the state.
  • The budget Sedgwick County commissioners will vote on Wednesday includes a new $22 million dollar building for juvenile corrections services.
  • The Wichita City Council will have its final hearing and consider approving its budget for the upcoming fiscal year tomorrow.
  • The unemployment rate in Sedgwick County remains relatively stable.
  • Kansas wildlife commissioners are taking heat over potential rules against using piles of corn and other foods to attract game animals.
  • A fentanyl awareness rally and vigil will be held this evening at the Keeper of the Plains.

You can find this entire episode at kmuw.org or you can subscribe to You're Saying It Wrong anywhere you get podcasts. And coming up on September 8th, KMUW is hosting You're Spelling It Wrong, for a spelling bee for grownups! Pizza, beer and lots of fun with Fletcher Powell as the Bee-Master. Find out how to participate or just be part of the audience.

Producers: Lu Anne Stephens and Beth Golay
Editors: Suzanne Perez and Beth Golay
Contributors: Kylie Cameron, Daniel Caudill, Rose Conlon, Fletcher Powell, Celia Hack, Celia Llopis-Jepsen, Suzanne Perez, Kathy Petras, Ross Petras
Theme Music: Torin Andersen
Digital Editors: Hugo Phan and Karlee Cooper

Beth Golay is KMUW's Director of Marketing and Digital Content. She is the host of the KMUW podcast Marginalia and co-host with Suzanne Perez of the Books & Whatnot podcast. You can find her on Wichita Transit in conversation with other riders for En Route, a monthly segment on KMUW's weekly news program The Range.