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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Three companies are proposing pipelines across the Midwest to capture carbon dioxide from ethanol plants, pipe it, then store it underground. The plan is to inject the CO2 deep into rock formations under Illinois and North Dakota. Harvest Public Media’s Sarah Nardi reports on why geologists say the two states are ideal for carbon storage, and why some landowners are pushing back.

Plus, more from these stories:

  • Many Kansans will lose the ability to get free COVID-19 tests on Friday. It’s one of the consequences of the federal public health emergency declaration ending.
  • Law enforcement agencies are continuing to raise awareness for fentanyl in Sedgwick County’s illicit drug supply.
  • Lawmakers and the governor have approved more protections against stalking.
  • Some secondhand dealers in Wichita are now exempt from fingerprinting people selling certain items.
  • Hundreds of people gathered in Lawrence this week, upset that the city heavily damaged a 5-acre native prairie.
  • Ten tourist attractions across the state have received grants funding the Kansas Department of Commerce.
  • Goodwill Industries will break ground on its newest retail store this week.

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Beth Golay is KMUW's Director of Marketing and Digital Content. She is the host of the KMUW podcast Marginalia and co-host with Suzanne Perez of the Books & Whatnot podcast. You can find her on Wichita Transit in conversation with other riders for En Route, a monthly segment on KMUW's weekly news program The Range.