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Friday, May 5, 2023

Wichita’s history of entrepreneurs is long and storied. Names like Beech, Cessna, Coleman, Lear, Carney and Devlin come to mind.

Mary Beth Jarvis is the president and CEO of NXTUS, an organization that supports entrepreneurs. The nonprofit works as a middleman to connect startups with mentors, customers and capital. In a recent conversation, she told KMUW's Tom Shine that that’s critical in order to launch the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Plus, more on these stories:

  • The Wichita school district wants to limit teachers’ ability to remove disruptive students from classrooms. 
  • The US Senate approved a bill last night this week to undo federal protections for the lesser prairie chicken. 
  • An artist will carve a large portrait of political icon Bob Dole into the ground on the University of Kansas campus to celebrate Dole’s 100th birthday.
  • The Sedgwick County Health Department is offering free pneumonia vaccines for adults with an increased risk of catching the disease.
  • Open Streets ICT will take place in Wichita’s historic NoMar district on Sunday.

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Beth Golay is KMUW's Director of Marketing and Digital Content. She is the host of the KMUW podcast Marginalia and co-host with Suzanne Perez of the Books & Whatnot podcast. You can find her on Wichita Transit in conversation with other riders for En Route, a monthly segment on KMUW's weekly news program The Range.