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Friday, April 14, 2023

Kelly Bielefeld was recently appointed superintendent of Wichita public schools, the largest district in Kansas. Suzanne Perez spoke with Bielefeld the challenges he face when he takes over in July.

Also, a panel of experts discuss "Internet for All" is a federal grant initiative that will provide funding for high speed Internet across the state regardless of location or affordability.

Plus, more on these stories:

  • The richest Kansans would benefit the most from the state trading its three-bracket income tax code for a flat rate that cuts $300 million dollars each year.
  • Kansas clinics are looking at what a federal appeals court ruling late Wednesday might mean for how they prescribe the abortion pill mifepristone.
  • State officials have again declared a disaster emergency because of the threat of wild fires across Kansas.
  • A report from the Environmental Working Group argues that the Mississippi River Basin, which includes parts of Kansas, is not receiving enough conservation funding.
  • Sedgwick County will hold a free tire collection event next week.

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Beth Golay is KMUW's Director of Marketing and Digital Content. She is the host of the KMUW podcast Marginalia and co-host with Suzanne Perez of the Books & Whatnot podcast. You can find her on Wichita Transit in conversation with other riders for En Route, a monthly segment on KMUW's weekly news program The Range.