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The Range | September 2 , 2022

Labor Day usually serves as a much-needed day of rest and recognition for the nation’s workers. But for those in organized labor, it’s also a time to reflect on the advances won by unions in the workplace.

Daniel Caudill reports on some of those gains, what labor unions are still fighting for, and how one local union drive ties into it all.

Plus, most people probably associate the name Close Encounters with the Steven Spielberg movie from the late ‘70s. This month's First Friday artist is borrowing that title to explore personal discovery and how we interact with others.

Hannah Lee Scott — KMUW’s featured artist for 2022 — is known for her true-to-life graphite drawings. She’s now adding spray paint to her works, a process that Scott says feels a bit … alien.

Close Encounters by Hannah Lee Scott will be on display beginning Friday evening at Harvester Arts.

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