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The Range | May 13, 2022

Beth Golay

Since Beth Golay started riding Wichita Transit in 2015, she's met plenty of strangers. But is a person still considered a stranger if you've met him before? On this month’s En Route, Beth has a conversation with someone who seemed familiar.

Also, Joe Stumpe’s life is all about food. Stumpe is the former food editor at the Wichita Eagle. And he’s taught cooking classes for years at various spots around town. So it makes sense that Stumpe’s latest book is all about food. “Iconic Eats of Wichita: Surprising History, People and Recipes”was published earlier this year. In addition to exploring Wichita’s culinary history, it also includes nearly 200 recipes, from restaurant chefs, home cooks and local celebrities. Stumpe also writes about a gem often overlooked by Wichita foodies: the city’s ethnic grocery stores.


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