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The Range | December 17, 2021

Hugo Phan
Tyler Inghram, a crew member with We Hang Christmas Lights Wichita, strings a line of lights over a customer’s roof. Two crew members below screwed in bulbs and passed the line of lights up to Inghram.

Remember that old Christmas song, the one that asks who wouldn’t want to go up on the housetop with old Saint Nick? Turns out, a lot of people, thank you, especially aging baby-boomers. But as Daniel Caudill explains, that reluctance is good news for the growing number of businesses installing Christmas lights.

Plus, the deep, rich voice of Earnest Alexander has filled concert halls and churches around the world for decades. That included his hometown of Wichita, where Alexander sang at an annual benefit Christmas concert for many years. But he’s been absent from the stage recently. In this month's In The Mix, Carla Eckels tells us why.


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