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Yael van der Wouden on her debut novel, 'The Safekeep'

Yael van der Wouden is the author of "The Safekeep."
Roosmarjin Broersen

Dutch writer Yael van der Wouden’s debut novel, The Safekeep, is set in a post World War II Dutch province.

It follows Isabel, who lives a solitary life in the home she grew up in, but her world is uprooted when her brother’s girlfriend temporarily moves in with her. Isabel believes items in her house are going missing and is quick to blame her housekeeper and her unwelcome guest, but things grow more complicated from here.

I recently spoke with Yael van der Wouden about Isabel’s relationship with her brothers, how the post World War II setting shapes the book, and more.


The Safekeep was published by Avid Reader Press.

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