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Ainslie Hogarth on 'Motherthing,' a love story that became a feminist horror novel

In the interest of keeping this podcast spoiler free, I won’t tell you too much about Ainslie Hogarth’s newest book, Motherthing, but what I will share is that it’s a feminist horror story, and even sort of a love story.

It follows protagonist Abby Lamb immediately following the death of her overbearing, and maybe even a little bit evil mother-in-law Laura. Abby feels like she must act to prevent her depression-prone husband from following in his mother’s path, but her methods of protection are… suspect at best.

I recently spoke with Ainslie Hogarth about the multiple perspectives of motherhood, the efforts women make to protect their families, and why the horror genre shouldn’t be overlooked.

Here’s our conversation.


Motherthing by Ainslie Hogarth was published by Vintage.

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