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Tomi Obaro explores traditional Nigerian culture in 'Dele Weds Destiny'

Author of "Dele Weds Destiny," Tomi Obaro
RJ Eldridge
Author of "Dele Weds Destiny," Tomi Obaro

Set against the backdrop of a present day Nigerian wedding, Tomi Obaro’s Dele Weds Destiny follows three best friends and their 30 year friendship.

Told through two timelines, one at the start of their friendship in the 80s and the other 30 years later, the novel explores the ways friendships change over time, a result of marriages, transcontinental moves, and motherhood.

I recently spoke with Tomi Obaro about her inspiration and aspects of traditional Nigerian culture. Here’s our conversation.


Dele Weds Destiny by Tomi Obaro was published by Knopf.

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