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Colleen Hubbard on 'Housebreaking,' her debut novel

Colleen Hubbard, author of 'Housebreaking'
Amaal Said
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Colleen Hubbard, author of 'Housebreaking'

Most people have some baseline knowledge of what goes into building a home, but “unbuilding” a home is a completely different story. Author Colleen Hubbard’s novel Housebreaking follows twentysomething Del, returning to the house she was raised in, only to take it apart piece by piece as she navigates both her future and her past. I recently spoke with Colleen Hubbard about the process of housebreaking, as well as writing in the thick of the pandemic. Here’s our conversation.

Housebreaking by Colleen Hubbard was published by Berkley.

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