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Marginalia: Megha Majumdar On 'A Burning'

 Author Megha Majumdar
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Author Megha Majumdar

Megha Majumdar will be part of a virtual discussion about A Burning July 27 at 6 pm at Watermark Books.

When Megha Majumdar’s novel , A Burning, came out in 2020, it made it on all the lists. It was long-listed for the National Book Award. It was a New York Times notable. It was featured on the NPR Book Concierge. And that’s only scratching the surface.

A Burning is told through a chorus of three characters whose lives are impacted by politics and class in contemporary India. The novel was just released in paperback and I finally had the opportunity to visit with Megha about the novel and her work as an editor.


A Burning by Megha Majumdar was published by Vintage.

Note: At the time of our conversation, Megha was editor at Catapult, and now she’s editor-in-chief.

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