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See and experience the powerful work at Mulberry Art Gallery

One thing that I feel can’t be argued is that the bulk of the visual art scene in Wichita is made up of white artists. A tour of art shows on a First or Final Friday will illustrate this. There are many artists of color making art throughout the city, but one rarely sees their work for exhibition. And so the question remains—why is this?

A beacon in the midst, however, lies in Wichita’s Mulberry Art Gallery, a space with a strong focus on Black artists, artists of color, and artists historically underrepresented in regional venues. Anthony Joiner is an art consultant, artist liaison, public art administrator, and founder of Mulberry. He searches for the talent, helps guide the artists, and shows their work in his effort to “catalyze change at a local level.”

The gallery is at Revolutsia, a location Joiner describes as ‘close to the heart of the Black community’—making it easier for artists to come and gather. Joiner is passionate and excited about the gallery and the artists he represents.

I found him last Friday night at his opening for 2 painters, Brittany Stewart and Dominique Joiner, who happens to be his wife. Their works revolve around the experience of women in a male-dominated world, and the need for a voice for those who face strenuous obstacles. Strong messages from equally strong women and artists.

The power of the work speaks for itself, and it’s there for you to see and experience.

Break your mold and find some truth—at the Mulberry Art Gallery in Wichita.

Curt Clonts is a Wichita-born artist who volunteers as KMUW's art reviewer. When Curt isn’t working in his College Hill studio he is usually spending time with his wife, kids, and grandkids. He also spends the spring and summer months kayaking and camping.