Michael Moeder

Community Business Advancement

Michael, a Wichita native, returned to Wichita in 2013 after moving away for over a decade. He has lived in the largest land locked country in the world, Kazakhstan, and all three coasts of the United States.

For the last eight years, Michael has been a consultant for a variety of nonprofit organizations here and across the nation. Amongst other highlights, Michael has directed operations which have fundraised over $8 million dollars from small grassroots donors.

However, Wichita has always been home. Michael says: “After having lived in places like LA and New York City, it’s just so exciting to be back home in Wichita. It’s just such a great place to live. We have an awesome music and art scene, exciting cultural events, and amazing restaurants both new and old. Truly, the coasts don’t have anything on Wichita.”

Michael is now excited to join the Community Business Advancement team at KMUW. Here he hopes to be a part of the ever growing Wichita scene and to continue to strengthen the relationship KMUW has with the community.

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