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Lu Anne Stephens

Director of Content | Assistant General Manager

Lu Anne Stephens has held many positions over many years at KMUW, including local host of NPR’s Morning Edition and reporter/editor. In addition to her current duties as Director of Content and Assistant General Manager, Lu Anne produces KMUW’s New Settler's Radio Hour and countless special productions. 

In 2018, Lu Anne was recognized with a first place award from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters for her production work on a Media Circus promotion announcement featuring Bill Kurtis of Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! She produces the Hidden Kansas segment for KMUW’s weekly news program The Range and was a producer on season two of My Fellow Kansans from the Kansas News Service. In 2020, Lu Anne received first place in Public Affairs Program from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters for her contributions to My Fellow Kansans.

After studying music performance and journalism at Pittsburg State University, Lu Anne completed her degree at Wichita State University in 1995. She has won several awards for journalistic excellence since she has been at KMUW.

Lu can be reached by email at stephens@kmuw.org.


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