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Past and Present

SCORE Program Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed

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Since 1964, to assist in the development of small business in the United States, the Service Corps of Retired Executives, popularly known as SCORE, has provided free and confidential mentoring to individuals who are either considering starting a business, are in the process of starting a business, or are already in business.

SCORE is a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration, and is comprised of more than 11,000 volunteers working in 321 chapters in all 50 states. SCORE volunteers are working and retired business owners, executives and managers who share their wisdom, gained from years of real-world business experience, with their clients.

In recent decades, SCORE has increased its assistance to individuals from traditionally underrepresented groups in the realm of business enterprise, to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations. In 2013, 56 percent of SCORE clients were women, 28 percent were racial minorities and 12 percent were veterans.

Through its longstanding support of small business development in the U.S., SCORE makes a significant contribution to the American economy. As a recent report on SCORE’s national impact stated, for every $1 appropriated to the SCORE program, its clients return $47 to the Federal Treasury.

Prospective or established small business owners here in Wichita, if they haven’t already, could be well served to take advantage of the services offered by the local SCORE chapter.