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The Week In News: Past The Primaries Edition

Carla Eckels

Each week, we gather some of the most noteworthy stories that you may have missed (but shouldn't).

Board of Canvassers finalizes Sedgwick County primary votes

Just when you thought the primary elections were done, more than 1,000 provisional ballots still had to be certified. By hand.

Credit Andy Marso / Heartland Health Monitor

Dental surgeon says low Medicaid reimbursements are hurting disabled Kansans

Legislators in cash-strapped Kansas approved a 4 percent cut to Medicaid reimbursements this year. That’s made an already tough situation even tougher for a dentist in Prairie Village who serves some of the state’s most vulnerable residents.

Credit Julia Szabo / KCUR/File photo

Number of teachers leaving Kansas—or quitting entirely on the rise

“When you’re under attack almost continually and called lazy and overpaid and incompetent of course you’re going to leave the first chance you get.”

Credit Deborah Shaar / KMUW, File Photo

Sedgwick County Commission approves budget, restores health department position

Commissioners approved 4-1 next year’s $424 million budget, which restores a county health department position cut in last year’s budget—but not everyone was happy with the move.

Credit Faces of Fracking, flickr Creative Commons

Kansas Corporation Commission expands area subject to saltwater injection limits

Amid an increasing number of earthquakes originating in areas of high oil activity, a Kansas agency has approved an order that puts additional limits on the amount of saltwater that oil and gas producers can inject into wells in Harper and Sumner counties and parts of Kingman, Sedgwick and Barber counties.