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00000179-cdc6-d978-adfd-cfc6d87f0001KMUW music hosts Jedd Beaudoin, Carla Eckels and Chris Heim share their selections for the best music releases of 2019 - including world music, jazz, R&B and gospel, blues and archival releases.Join us throughout January 2020 for a month-long feature of the Best of 2019.

Global Village's Best Releases Of 2019

  1. Minyo Crusaders – Echoes of Japan (Mais Um Discos)
  2. Los Wembler’s de Iquitos – Vision del Ayahuasca (Barbes)
  3. Various Artists – Red Gold Green & Blue (Trojan Jamaica)
  4. Mao Ya – Moon Over City Ruins (Rhymoi Music)
  5. Garifuna Collective – Aban (Stone Tree)
  6. Cimarron – Orinoco (Cimarron)
  7. Umut Adan – Bahar (Riverboat)
  8. Rhiannon Giddens – There Is No Other (Nonesuch)
  9. Dizzy Mandjeku & Ale Kuma – De Palenque a Matonge (Zephyrus)
  10. Debashish Bhattacharya – Joy! Guru! (Unzipped Fly)
  11. Adir Jan – Leyla (Trikont)
  12. Guo Gan Trio – Gobi Desert (Felmay)
  13. Lajko Felix & Volosi - Lajko Felix & Volosi (Fono)
  14. Constantinople & Ablaye Cissoko – Traversees (Autra)
  15. Equus – Tailwind Home (Equus)
  16. Kaja – Origo (Kakafon)
  17. Otova Yo – Do You Love (ARC Music)
  18. Wuta Mayi – La Face Cachee (Wuta Mayi)
  19. Gyedu-Blay Ambolley - 11th Street, Sekondi (Agogo)
  20. Dona Onete – Rebajo (Mais Um Discos)
  21. Blato Zlato – In the Wake (Blato Zlato)
  22. Los Pirañas– Historia Natural (Glitterbeat)
  23. Coladera – La Dotu Lado (Agogo)
  24. Angelique Kidjo – Celia (Verve)
  25. Söndörg? -  Nyolc 8 Nyolc (Sndrg Music)

Chris Heim produces and hosts Global Village, a nationally and internationally distributed world music show; the nightly jazz show Night Train, and Crossroads, KMUW’s twice-weekly blues and R&B show. Chris is also a critic and freelance writer whose work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Utne, Global Rhythm, Dirty Linen, and Option, among others.