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Music Of Mongolia, Spanish Guitars And Birthdays Of Tabu Ley, Buckwheat Zydeco And More

Monday, November 11

This time in the Global Village, more music for the November Mongolia feature, including Anda Union, who are also the November featured artists in the Global Village at the Savannah Music Festival series. We’ll also hear the latest from Mali’s Hama Sankare, Rasgueo, and the Moon over City Ruins album that explores the music exchange between China and Japan many centuries ago. Global Village marks birthdays of Finnish oud and guitar player Jussi Reijonen and percussionist, composer, and second generation AACM world-jazz artist Kahil El Zabar.

Tuesday, November 12

This time in the Global Village, it’s music from the Spanish guitar and Spanish guitarists. We’ll hear legendary new flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia, classical guitarist John Williams (performing Rodrigo’s famous "Concerto de Arunjeuz"), and folkloric guitarist Pipo Romero. We also remember the late Hossam Ramzy with music from an album he did with flamenco guitarist Rafa El Tachuela

Wednesday, November 13

Global Village pays tribute to Tabu Ley Rochereau - one of the giants of African music and one of the architects of the popular soukous style of music. We’ll highlight music from early in his career when he worked with Le Grande Kalle, some of his classic recordings, and several key artists who emerged from his influential bands.

Thursday, November 14

Global Village remembers Buckwheat Zydeco on his birthday and also gets to music from South African kora-inspired guitarist Derek Gripper who was also born on this date. Plus more for the November Mongolian music feature, this time from the Buryati/Lithuanian group Udu – and we’ll hear new music from Russia’s Otava Yo, the Cape Verdean Funana compilation Pour Me a Grog, and UB40.

Friday, November 15

Global Village marks the birthday of Czech Republic-born, New York-based Latin music artist Marta Topferova. We’ll hear music from several of her albums and use them as a jumping off point to explore some other Latin sounds as well, including music from the Buena Vista Social Club and from new releases by Cuban-Canadian artist Alex Cuba, Colombian-Canadian musician Roberto Lopez, Senegalese artist Diali Cissoko, and Congolese Rumba veteran Wuta Mayi (from his first new album in several decades and also from an earlier release as part of the soukous supergroup, the 4 Stars).