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Roma Music + Argentina Independence, Bela & Bahamas, Naadam

Monday, July  8

In conjunction with the July Roma Music feature, Global Village highlights some different forms of flamenco in this visit. While the Roma did not entirely shape the sound of flamenco and not all flamenco artists are Roma, their influence is significant and one of the great Roma contributions to the world’s music. We’ll hear legendary guitarist Paco de Lucia, flamenco saxophonist Jorge Pardo, the world/flamenco sound of Jerez Texas, pop flamenco hitmakers the Gypsy Kings, and some techo-flamenco courtesy of Ojos de Brujo. We’ll also get to some new releases from twin sisters Las Hermanas Caronni, the multi-national AKA Trio, Angelique Kidjo with a tribute to Celia Cruz, and more.

Tuesday, July  9

Global Village celebrates both the Independence Day of Argentina and the birthday of one of its most famous singers, ‘new song’ great Mercedes Sosa. Tango from traditional to contemporary along with electro, regional traditional, tango jazz, and more are featured in performances from Carlos Gardel, Astor Piazzolla, Chango Spaziuk, Gotan Project and we sneak in a bit of Finnish tango from Pedro’s Heavy Gentlemen.

Wednesday, July  10

It’s Bela and the Bahamas this time in the Global Village as we mark the birthday of banjoist Bela Fleck with some of his world music projects, and Independence Day in the Bahamas, which we celebrate with music from Joseph Spence, the Baha Men, Exuma, and more.

Thursday, July 11

Global Village marks the centuries-old Mongolian festival of Naadam, which begins today, with a Mongolian music festival of its own. We’ll explore traditional singing and instruments along with contemporary bands fusing those traditions with a wide array of different influences, from symphony orchestras to classic rock. Among the artists featured are Anda Union, Egschiglen, Hangaai, and music from the groundbreaking compilation, An Anthology of Mongolian Khoomii.

Friday, July 12

In conjunction with the July Roma Music feature, Global Village highlights some great Roma brass bands. We’ll hear Romania’s Fanfare Cioc?rlia (featured in the July Global Village at the Savannah Music Festival concert special later in the month); the popular Serbian band, the Boban Markovic Orkestra; and from Macedonia, the Ko?ani Orkestar. We’ll also hear some Balkan Brass by way of NYC from the Raya Brass band and also on tap - the latest from Italy’s Bandadriatica, the Cypriot band Monsieur Doumani, Turkish psychedelic rocker Umut Adan, and the Roma-influenced Hungarian group Söndörg?.