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New Month/New Music New Releases Show

September 7/9

It’s “New Month/New Music” time as Crossroads teams up with Global Village and Strange Currency at the beginning of every month to feature the best in new blues releases.

Among the highlights this time:

Chicago/The Blues Legends/Today!  Picking up from where a legendary 1966 series of blues releases (Chicago/The Blues/Today) from Sam Charters left off.

Chicago Plays the Stones, with contemporary Chicago blues artists turning the tables and doing blues covers of Rolling Stones songs

Crescent City pianist Jon Cleary

Award winning harp player Mark Hummel

British blues rock guitarist and singer Joanne Shaw Taylor

Kansas City blues favorite Amanda Fish

Reissues featuring Slim Gaillard, Jody Williams, the Staple Singers and Ella Mae Morse

And we’ll also feature music from a number of blues artists with local and regional concerts in the coming week.