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Savannah Music Festival Concert Special, Bosnia & Dominican Republic Independence And More

Monday, February 26

The last Monday of every month, Global Village heads to the Savannah Music Festival to present some of today’s finest world music artists in concert. This month, and in conjunction with the February Duos feature, Global Village at the Savannah Music Festival presents the exquisite musical pairing of Malian kora player Ballake Sissoko and French cellist Vincent Segal. The duo, who have recorded two critically acclaimed albums together and worked with a broad range of artists from around the globe, elegantly blend traditional and contemporary African and European influences into their own distinctive new form of “Chamber Music.”

Tuesday, February 27

It’s Independence Day in the Dominican Republic and the climax of a month (!) of carnival celebrations that go on there every year. Global Village celebrates with classic and contemporary merengue and bachata from Juan Luis Guerra, Wilfredo Vargas, Luis Vargas and more. Plus music from Red Baraat, DJ Dolores, and some blasts from the past from BeatleJazz and Jesse Winchester.

Wednesday, February 28

Global Village explores South American jazz with music from the Gabriel Alegria Afro Peruvian Sextet; Colombian percussionist Samuel Torres; Brazil’s Forro in the Dark, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, and Jovino Santos Neto; Diego Urcola and Dino Saluzzi from Argentina; for the February duos feature the meeting of Peruvian percussions Alex Acuña and Colombian flutist Justo Almario; and there are also some “false Bahians” - Grupo Falso Baiano - who play choro-jazz.

Thursday, March 1

Global Village marks the birthdays of roots reggae great Burning Spear, Brazilian bassist Nilson Matta, world chamber jazz guitarist Ralph Towner, and world music pioneer Harry Belafonte. We kick off the March feature celebrating Women’s History Month and the March birthday of South African great Miriam Makeba with a Grammy-winning recording Makeba did with Belafonte. And for the Independence Day of Bosnia-Herzegovina, some traditional and contemporary sounds from that country from Goran Bregovic, Divinhana, Mostar Sevdah Reunion and more.

Friday, March 2

It’s New Month/New Music time in the Global Village. Each month, Global Village devotes an entire show to the best of recently released and forthcoming world music albums.  Among the highlights this time:

The Golan Heights band Tootard

Next generation Tuareg group Imarhan

Fela’s son Femi Kuti

The contemporary Malian duo of Djeneba & Fousco

South African vocal group Afrika Mamas

Middle Eastern inspired sounds from Norway’s Nutopia

And a number of European neo-traditional groups, including Monsieur Doumani from Cyprus, L’Alba from Corsica, Gaiteiros de Lisboa from Portugal, and El Naan from Spain