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A Short Movie, A Trip To The U.K. And The Funky Thide Of Things

Thursday, April 9: Short Movie is the fifth album from singer-songwriter Laura Marling and is notable for Marling’s heavy incorporation of electric guitar on this release. We’ll hear selections from that as well as from Jenny Wood’s Thumbsucker release.

Friday, April 10: It’s the return of Vinyl Friday: We’ll hear selections from the 1974 release by saxophonist Eddie Harris, E.H. in the U.K.. The recording finds Harris working with members of King Crimson, Yes, and Deep Purple as well as guitar legend Jeff Beck, plus music from bass legend Stanley Clarke’s 1973 debut album, Children of Forever, recorded under the name Stan Clarke.

Saturday, April 11: Reach For It is the 1977 release from George Duke. On this recording, the classically-trained keyboardist turns to funk and emerges with one of his most enduring and influential albums. The title song became a cornerstone of hip-hop music and was sampled in pieces by Master P and Ice Cube among others. We’ll hear from that as well as from Back To Oakland, the 1974 album from Tower of Power.

Monday, April 13: Radium Death is the first album in four years from Iowa-born musician William Elliott Whitmore. Whitmore’s one-of-a-kind voice and resonant banjo playing are part of the appeal but his images of family and rural life complete the package. We’ll hear selections from Radium Death as well as Ralph Stanley’s 2011 album A Mother’s Prayer.

Tuesday, April 14: Beat the Champ is the latest release from The Mountain Goats. Whereas past releases have dealt with a variety of personal subjects, this time out songwriter John Darnielle takes up a broader issue in the album’s lyrics—professional wrestling. We’ll hear music from that recording as well as from Kintsugi the new recording from Death Cab for Cutie.

Wednesday, April 15: Listen for selections from Moroccan Roll, the 1977 album from April featured act Brand X as well as from Billy Cobham’s 1975 release A Funky Thide of Things.