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Lady Day’s Centennial + Birthdays Of Gerry Mulligan, Randy Weston, Carmen McRae & Reuben Wilson

Monday 4.6.15

Night Train marks birthdays of cool jazz baritone saxophonist Gerry Mulligan, pianist Andre Previn, guitarist Gene Bertoncini, and also African jazz pioneer Randy Weston, including a performance from Weston and his African Rhythms Trio at the Newport Jazz Festival in hour two of the show. Plus more music from April featured artist Billie Holiday (whose 100th birthday is tomorrow) and new music from drummer Ali Jackson and accordionist Richard Galliano.

Global Village will also feature music from Randy Weston tonight in conjunction with the show’s April world jazz feature.

Tuesday 4.7.15

Special: Night Train celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Billie Holiday with a show devoted entirely to her music. In hour one, Night Train highlights music from her very first recording to her last album, along with a number of her classics and music from tribute recordings from Carmen McRae, Terence Blanchard, and newly released ones from Jose James, Molly Johnson, and Cassandra Wilson. Then in hour two of the show, it’s a Jazz Profiles special offering an in-depth look at her life and music.

Wednesday 4.8.15

Night Train highlights more music from Billie Holiday for the April feature celebrating her centennial birthday and also marks birthdays of lyricist Yip Harburg (famous for songs from the Wizard of Oz and a number of great standards) and jazz diva Carmen McRae. Plus new music from bassist Kyle Eastwood (Clint’s son), the Dana Landry Trio, and Clarence Penn & Penn Station.

Thursday 4.9.15

Night Train marks birthdays of drummer Steve Gadd and soul jazz organist Reuben Wilson; continues with more music from April featured artist Billie Holiday to mark her centennial birthday; and highlights new music from guitarist Russell Malone, veteran drummer Albert ‘Tootie’ Heath, and Brain Swartz & the Gnu Sextet with special guest Matt Otto, who is one of the artists appearing at this year’s Wichita Jazz Festival.