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Yeah Okay, We Know

Wednesday March 11

Perfect Abandon is the latest release from singer-songwriter Tom Brosseau. Born in North Dakota and raised in the church, Brosseau’s music is informed by desolation, spirituality, and the eeriness that visits wide open spaces. Perfect Abandon was recorded using one microphone and produced by sometime PJ Harvey collaborator John Parish. We’ll hear selections from that album on this episode of the show as well as selections from Yeah Okay, I Know, the latest release from singer-songwriter Christian Lee Hutson.

Thursday March 12

Car Wheels on a Gravel Road is the 1998 release from Lucinda Williams and is considered her breakthrough recording. It was the final project that she worked on with longtime collaborator Gurf Morlix and was a difficult enough process that singer-songwriter Steve Earle (who appears on the album) later said it was the “least fun” he’d ever had making an album. We’ll hear selections from it and from Emmylou Harris’ 1995 LP Wrecking Ball which also features Steve Earle and a guest appearance from Neil Young on two songs.

Friday March 13

Lieutenant is the brand-new project of Nate Mendel, bassist in Foo Fighters and a member of the influential bands Sunny Day Real Estate and The Fire Theft. Lieutenant’s debut album is titled If I Kill This Thing We’re All Going To Eat For A Week. Listen for selections from that as well as music from Shadow of the Sun, the new recording by Moon Duo. 

Saturday March 14

Hold On is the latest release from North Carolina’s Bombadil. The trio, which is managed by the same team that handles The Avett Brothers, has built a reputation for solid, melodic songwriting over the course of a series of memorable but under-appreciated albums. Listen for music from Hold On and selections from Emotionalism, the 2007 album from The Avett Brothers.

Monday March 16

Daydream Nation is the 1988 album from Sonic Youth. Featuring career highlights such as “Teenage Riot,” “The Sprawl” and “Trilogy,” it is both a classic from the band and a classic among albums in the so-called alternative genre. We’ll hear from that album as well as music from Sleater-Kinney’s No Cities To Love

Tuesday March 17

It’s our annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration. We’ll hear selections from Jailbreak, the 1976 release from Irish blues/rock band Thin Lizzy and from guitarist Rory Gallagher’s classic Irish Tour ’74 release among other recordings from the Emerald Isle.

Wednesday March 18

In September, 1978 the Grateful Dead traveled to Egypt and performed three shows near Cairo. Although fans were enthusiastic to hear the music performed at that time and although the band planned a live album, the music remained unreleased until 2008 when the album Rocking the Cradle: Egypt 1978 emerged. We’ll hear selections from that album as well as music from Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir’s 1972 album Ace which features the core of the band across its many tracks.