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Happy Holidays From Richard Crowson

Kevin Dooley, flickr Creative Commons

When I was little I’d wear a big grin, round Christmastime, round Christmastime

The cars were shaped like toasters then, round Christmas way back when

All the coats were plaid and everyone had the funny looking caps with the big earflaps

All the kids would be grinning from flap to flap round Christmastime back then

There was no such thing as a shopping mall round Christmastime, round Christmastime

You shopped downtown if you shopped at all round Christmas way back when

I’d pitch a fit, but they made me sit on the laps of the guys with the bloodshot eyes

In the fuzzy red suits as the camera’d shoot round Christmastime back then

How the bubble lights glowed, we’d spray canned snow

Sing along with Bing

And the prettiest thing that we ever did see was the neighbor’s new aluminum Christmas tree

There was Perry Como in the air round Christmastime, round Christmastime

Gene Autry and those Chipmunks blared round Christmas way back when

Our TV set was huge and yet about 3 channels was all we’d get

And Rudolph’s light blinked black and white round Christmastime back then

Now I miss the simple time, the wonder and the glow

That lit my world round Christmastime, all those years ago

I thought that light was gone for good - imagine my surprise

When I saw it shine again in my daughter’s eyes

It sparkles like the Christmas star in my daughter’s eyes

(And we all go round in history!)

Merry Christmas!

Richard Crowson is not only a editorial commentator for KMUW. He's also a cartoonist, an artist and a banjo player.