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Night Train's April Top 40 Recap

NIGHT TRAIN - TOP 40 April 2014
1.    Matt Wilson Quartet + John Medeski - Gathering Call (Palmetto)
2.    Bruce Barth - Daybreak (Savant)
3.    Jacques Schwarz-Bart - Jazz Racine Haiti (Motema)
4.    Mike Longo - Step On It (CAP)
5.    Catherine Russell - Bring It Back (Jazz Village)
6.    Helen Sung - Anthem for a New Day (Concord)
7.    Alfredo Rodriguez - The Invasion Parade (Mack Avenue)
8.    Dave Stryker - Eight Track (Strikezone)
9.    Craig Handy & 2nd Line Smith (OKeh)
10.Jane Ira Bloom - Sixteen Sunsets (Outline)
11.Anton Schwartz - Flash Mob (Anton Jazz)
12.David Fathead Newman & Tilden Webb Trio - Cellar Groove (Cellar Live)
13.Jessica Williams - With Love (Origin)
14.George Cables - Icons and Influences (High Note)
15.Pat Metheny Unity Group - Kin (Nonesuch)
16.Edward Simon - Venezuelan Suite (Sunnyside)
17.Revolutionary Snake Ensemble - Live Snakes (Accurate)
18.Frank Wess - Magic 201 (IPO)
19.Lisa Ferraro - Serenading the Moon (Pranavasonic Universal)
20.Tardo Hammer - Simple Pleasure (Cellar Live)
21.Monty Alexander Harlem Kingston Express - Vol. 2: The River Rolls On (Motema)
22.Brian Lynch - Unsung Heroes Vol. 2 (Holistic Music Works)
23.Steve Davis - For Real (Posi-Tone)
24.Tord Gustavsen Quartet - Extended Circle (ECM)
25.Ian Hendrickson-Smith - Tonight Is Now (Cellar Live)
26.Mitch Frohman Latin Jazz Quartet - From Daddy with Love (Mitch Frohman)
27.Rene Marie - I Wanna Be Evil (Motema)
28.Nightcrawlers - Volume Three (Cellar Live)
29.Albert 'Tootie' Heath - Tootie's Tempo (Sunnyside)
30.Janice Borla Group - Promises to Burn (Tallgrass)
31.Harold Mabern - Right on Time (Smoke Sessions)
32.Fareed Haque - Trance Hypothesis (Delmark)
33.Jeff Hackworth - Soul to Go ! (Big Bridge Music)
34.Antonio Adolfo - Rio, Choro, Jazz (AAM)
35.Christian Jacob - Beautiful Jazz (Wilder Jazz)
36.Gene Ludwig - Pat Martino Trio - Young Guns (High Note)
37.Helge Lien Trio - Badgers and Other Beings (Ozella)
38.Various - The Beatles: A Jazz Tribute (High Note)
39.Ulysses Owens Jr. - Onward and Upward (D Clef)
40.Stacey Kent - The Changing Lights (Warner Bros.)