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February Feature: Mardi Gras Month - Samba and the Sounds of Brazil

Throughout February, Global Village teams up with Night Train (Louis Armstrong) and Crossroads (New Orleans Blues and R&B) for a month-long Mardi Gras celebration. In the Global Village, we journey to one of the world's carnival hotspots - Brazil.

Samba has come to epitomize the music of Brazil and is intimately connected to carnival celebrations in that country. The music traces its roots back to African influences and has existed in some form in Brazil since the 1800s. The first samba record, "Pelo Telefone," was made in 1917 and since then, the style has evolved, incorporating other instruments and influences and, in turn, influencing a number of other styles in Brazil, including bossa nova, tropicalia and pagode. During carnival, the many colorful, and often enormous samba schools are the centerpiece of carnival parades, that in Rio alone bring over five million people into the streets to celebrate.

Throughout February, Global Village highlights the sound of samba, and the different offshoots of Brazilian music that have samba influences, from classic to new recordings, legendary performers to newly emerging stars.

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Some of the sights and sounds of Rio's carnival

Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil with a live version of "Ever Since the Samba Was the Samba"