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Strange Currency Best of 2012 - Local

Two thousand and twelve saw a bumper crop of ace local and regional releases, including several that did not make this list but were strong contenders, among them three releases from Wichita’s The Wonder Revolution (including Firefly) and Zsa Zsa Ketzner's EP.

There were several surprise releases this year, including the solo debut from Split Lip Rayfield’s Wayne Gottstine, a lo-fi adventure from singer-songwriter Curt Mitchell, and Les Easterby’s The World Palindrome.

Veteran acts such as Spirit of the Stairs and Softie rub elbows on this list with newcomers The Travel Guide and acts who are still relatively new to the recorded medium, namely The New Imperialism and Jenny Wood, all making for one of the best years for local/regional music in recent memory.

  1. Liberty Solidarity Responsibility - Carrie Nation and The Speakeasy/Cletus Got Shot
  2. Tomorrow’s The Day - The Ants
  3. Electricity Vol. 1 - Wayne Gottstine
  4. Particularly Hello - The World Palindrome
  5. Lambo Doors - Spirit of the Stairs
  6. The Travel Guide - The Travel Guide
  7. Thumbsucker - Jenny Wood
  8. The Sensationalism of Dr. Bordeaux - The New Imperialism
  9. Low Rent Hymns - Curt Mitchell
  10. Softie - Softie