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August Feature: Indian Independence Day

August 15th is Indian Independence Day, marking the end of British rule and the birth of India as an independent nation and 2012 marks the 65th anniversary of that momentous event. To celebrate, Global Village features music of India throughout the month.

As rich and diverse as the country itself, Indian music ranges from classical styles whose roots go back thousands of years, to regional folk musics, the giddy sounds of Bollywood, and modern disaporic styles like bhangra. Indian music has also had an influence on Western music and musicians, including early experiments by the Beatles and jazz-fusion projects from a growing number of contemporary artists and groups.

Throughout August, Global Village will explore the rich array of Indian and Indian influenced music, from classical forms to modern developments, reaching the subcontinent all the way around the world.

For daily program updates, world music news, music videos, new releases information, playlists and more see the Global Village Facebook page.

Dick Cavett (with George Harrison at his side) introduces Ravi Shankar, the great ambassador for Indian music, on his show:


Popular U.K.-based Indian rock artist, Raghu Dixit:


Indian jazz-fusion from the Taal Tantra Experience:


An award-winning performance from the American Elite 8 Bhangra competition: