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Movie Review

'Midnight Special' is a Challenging Brain Teaser


As much as I could figure it out, Midnight Special is a fascinating movie full of suspense and mystery, a sort of challenging brain teaser that I'm willing to risk spoilers in my review of because I'm not at all sure my interpretation is right. You may want to pass this review up if you think you're going to see Midnight Special, but it might give you a bit of a head start.

I can't get away from thinking that the story has something to do with the second coming of Christ, if He came as a child, like the first time. His parents are on the road to protect him from the FBI and CIA and various police forces, for some unknown reason. He has supernatural powers, and while He is not virgin born, He is certainly not the child of a mortal man. A rural preacher is the only one who claims to understand what He's all about, and the preacher isn't talking. Those who help Him are in danger of their lives. All this has parallels in the story of Christ. but it isn't very convincing, and you have to overlook, for example, the quite clear evidence that the eight-year-old child is a time traveler, and not one likely to be a product of evolution.

There is very little dialogue in Midnight Special, and I suspect that there is neither a sentence of more than ten words nor a paragraph of more than four sentences, and a lot of that is in whispers: your hearing is probably better than mine, but I doubt that it will help you very much. I don't think this review will, either.

But you'll enjoy the mysticism and suspense, and if you're in a group you should enjoy the speculations afterward.